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Music producer of all musical genres with full access to a pro studio in the heart of London. Milk-Plus is also a solo Hip Hop artist and core member of the internet Supergoup Torrentz. Examples of diverse Milk-Plus productions regularly updated and available for free download >>>>

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We're a Riot
Lee Verrals

Hot Wire
Higher than the Rain
UKEX (Kerry Taylor)

GEEKSTA UK - The Album
The debut album by your UK host is now available on Bandcamp. 14 tracks of bouncy Nerdcore Hip Hop with a distinct UK twist. This album was a long time in the making. Milk-Plus entered his first Songfight (a weekly songwriting competition) back in April 2006 with "If I Were Italian" and then shelved the project for a few years while focusing on the launch of a new recording studio in Covent Garden, London. Although a fan of the Nerdcore genre since it's conception (by another songfight veteran MC Frontalot) it was the discovery of the next generation of Nerdcore Hip Hop artists in the United States that influenced the decision to resurrect the "Geeksta UK" album. Throughout 2007 & 2010 Milk-Plus worked as a producer for young rappers across London by day: By night.... he donned the large white specs and set to work on completing his semi autobiographical debut covering a range of topics relevant to Nerdy kids across the globe, delivered with a unique British swagger. "I'm lucky that I get to develop fresh rap talent straight off the streets" says Milk-Plus at the Milk Bar which is his Nerdcore UK HQ."I try to steer the Hip Hop ship at Endell Street Studio away from fake aggressive rap posturing and encourage young rappers to write about their lives as they really are. Sometimes that brings up pretty raw material, other times it focuses more on day to day reality that everyone can relate to. That's what nerdcore Hip Hop is for me..." The CD of Geeksta UK (with Full Artwork)) is available via Paypal for £5 (+ P&P). These hard copies are limited edition with only 100 originally pressed. Currently there are 59/100 still available. If you would like your CD signed (with silver permanent marker) mention it in your paypal correspondence

You can also check out Milk-Plus on @mcmilkplus

(Professional Services)
If you are unfamiliar with Milk-Plus and his work as a Producer check out the Production Page for Audio examples of how your music could benefit from mixing, mastering or both. It is quite difficult to cost a project without a little information on what is required from the artist, but a ballpark figure for Mastering is £15 per track with EP & Album discounts available. The deals get even better if you are a facebook friend or twitter follower. Vocal Mixing (primarily Hip Hop) generally works out at about £30 per track which also includes mastering. The Milk Bar Studio in London uses industry standard Software & Hardware tools in a fully treated acoustic environment to ensure that you get the best quality results. Seriously.... if you can find a better deal anywhere else. then.... errr... "WOW!" Still,all the best equipment in the world is only as good as the engineer in the hotseat and with Mill-Plus what you are really paying for are his ears (not quite literally) and the 15 years experience of producing, mixing and mastering in a variety of styles... from Rap to Rock, Electronica to Pop... and beyond. The free downloads at the top of this page are regularly updated and serve as an indicator to the versatility and sound quality you can expect from the Milk-Bar. Full mixing jobs, customised beat-making, hook writing and vocals are also on offer but are much more difficult to price accurately so Contact Milk Plus for more details and whatever it is you are looking for can almost certainly be worked out. If you are based in the UK and want to hire the studio with Milk-Plus in it to produce, engineer or mix your tracks it can be hired at a rate of £25 per hour with all proceeds going back into the running of the studio (for London's homeless charity St Mungo's) Check out: www.endellstreetstudio.com for more details.